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Press Release

We regularly publish press releases about news in the moving greeting cards for editors.

Of course, we look forward to corresponding publications and would appreciate a copy or the www page address to receive. Here you will find a press release, you may like to use:

Moving Cards - the little attention given to the animated enthusiasm.

Offers to send animated greeting cards or congratulations, there are now a dime a dozen. The Internet is full of ways to send to loved ones or your loved one a few nice words packed into the mailbox.

But who here has been looking for the extravagant and individuals, has met very quickly to the commercial limits. But now has a new portal, the World Wide Web, and even the greeting card world and has won just swept away this excess sand with his unique and very innovative aesthetics with a completely new address.

On the website can now be polished with very individual wishes through the artistic animation. High quality with great attention to detail, every card tells a little story very individual, so that each individual greeting to an emotional experience. Animated impressions of a very special way and even suitable for any occasion.

But convincing not only with the graphic image and greetings, but also in the tone of the artist is striving for perfection to feel. Digital masterpieces of a man who has this idea with a whole new dimension of art put to the test.

The Hamburg-based illustrator Andreas Piel is the creator of this small technical works of art and now helps lovers, and those who want to be in more fantasy mailbox. An extraordinary and therefore a very special form of personal message, which will remain at the receiver with safety in mind for a long time.

For more information:

Andreas Piel.
21147 Hamburg
Moorburger Ring 1
Tel 040-797 52 377
Fax 040-796 12 430
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