Animated Greeting Cards
Ostern 2015 Ziereier Jewelry eggs Send nice e... more... | Preview
Osterkarte - Reh auf der Lichtung Easter card - deer in the clearing Easter Card / deer in the clearing They fit exactly on when eggs disappear from the basket and hold the thief... more... | Preview

Animated greeting cards

With the help of animation software the so-called animated greetings cards which take pleasure more and more in popularity could be developed. Thanks to the Internet and the technology can be told in this manner instead of a picture on a card, small animated films became astory with reference to the occasion.

Besides, no limits are set to the imagination and also the humor.

Thus a film can express what is not sometimes to be caught shortly and in words. Animated greetings cards have to inform of quite an own life which is selected by the transmitter around the receiver something, only for him certain.

This takes effect mostly if both hundreds kilometres are separated of each other and the only connection on the Internet exists. A special kind to get closer to itself.

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