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Here you find top news to our E-Cards.

Autumn Mood

The days are schorter and the air is cooler again. Autumn is coming.

But you schould not worry, our dear Friends! Every Time of the year has a lot of wonderful moments. Orange Pumpkin, colorful foliage, brown conkers and oaks - autumn has a lot of faces. We can find them in Parks, Forests, on Market or in our own Garden! Gather your own collection and do handmade decorations for your Flat or your House!

If it's rainy, you can do a lot of good things at home. For example, it's a perfect time to light a candle, seat under the blanket, drink a tee and read your favourite book. You can also use this time for speaking with your Family and Friends, whom you are missing so much: call, skype with them or send a beautiful E-Card with the warmest Greetings.

We reccomend you "Swan E-Mail"Autumnal romance exudes this greeting card. Harmoniously with music. For different classic occasions in a creative way.

New Birthday E-Card is there!

We are glad to present you our new Artwork!

Especially in summertime, when we are always on the move, its nice to have a possibility fast and easy to congratulate somebody.

Here it is! Our new Birthday E-Card made as Phone Video Call. Surprise a birthday child with this Birthday Call and give him/her great Pleasure for his/her special Day. Cute, modern and joyous!

Dear Friends,

it's finally summer in Germany. For many people it is a favourite time of the year. It's so great to spend time on the beach in this hot weather. Some people are planning their vacations, other stay at home and enjoy the time making short excursions and using summer offers for kids.

But before holidays start, all pupils and students must work hard on their sucsessful graduation.

Does somebody from your relatives or friends graduate this summer? We have a perfect E-Card for all smarties! Excellent marks in the school living certificate, finishing studies at University, Bachelor, Master or passed driving licence exam - show how proud you are and congratulate the graduate!

Hello May!

Welcome May Party starts yet in the evening on 30 of April with “Dancing in May”.

In Germany this night is called “Walpurgisnacht”, but not many people know the story of this name. 1 of May is a Memory day of St. Walburga. In 748, in response to his appeal, Abbess Tetta sent over to Germany St. Walburga, with many other nuns. They sailed with fair weather, but before long a terrible storm arose. Hereupon Walburga prayed, kneeling on the deck, and at once the sea became calm. On landing, the sailors proclaimed the miracle they had witnessed, so that Walburga was everywhere received with joy and veneration.

1 of May is also International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day in some countries, is a celebration of labourers and the working classes. Being a traditional European spring celebration, May Day is a national public holiday in Germany and in several  other European countries.

In may we can find a lot of other reasons to be happy.  Appreciate little things and make your dears smile with our lovely E-Cards for every occasion!

All the best for Easter!

Dear Friends,

we wish you wonderful Easter. Enjoy the celebration time and use the possibility to congratulate all your family members and friends!

What do you think about our new Easter E-Card “The Salvation of Easter-Dino”?! One lovely story from Dino-Life for your eyes, your heart and your ears. Easter is a quiet celebration, when all people and animals wish freedom and harmony. Your relatives and friends will be definitely happy to get so special E-Card!