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Here you find top news to our E-Cards. december 2011: second advent

Advent, Advent, the second burn.
Yes, as fast it can go.
The countdown is on - in 20 days is Christmas Eve.
But dont worrry, no stress.
There are still plenty of days off to get to and buy gifts for Christmas dinner.
Perhaps not all of you buy material things, but everyone like to recieve or send Christmas cards.
Even that requires all sorts of planning, so that no one will forget. You can also make it easier:
Surprise the person whose email address you have to it for just an animated Christmas e-card.
You can respond individually to the many people and
economical, ecologically sound and highly efficient way.
In order to prepare the recipient very special Christmas.
Our e-cards come in directly, no matter where or when. Everything is in your hands.
Click here to uneren Christmas E-Cards

Animated E-Cards goes ENGLISH

do you understand? Yeah, that our e-cards get updated very often now enlischen in the release.
Now there is no spatial barriers not only more but also no linguistic.
Now you can love all people whether whether remotely close to send an English greeting card.
And the best part is that the English e-cards is already in our portfolio of 1 or 2 year Flaterate included.
So whether you are sending to decide now whether you like it or greeting cards are greeting card users already
they have access to your same log-in data of the moving greeting card home page.
We wish you much joy and a happy (early) Christmas

11/28/2011 Fresh fom the screen into the world wide web: our new christmas e-card

Worn out felt the boy with his little dog into snow.
It's cold, dark and windy. The boy freezes so much.
He cuddles up to his little dog, so he would not freeze to death.
The boy begins to fall asleep when suddenly Santa Claus stands in front of him.

Santa Claus takes the boy along with the dog out into the snow
to get into the mobile carriage. It goes on trips, high-rise buildings on
the glittering snow-covered city, until they have jointly reached home, where
his mother already wait for him.

A heart-touching story, backed with Christmas music. Our Christmas Card "happy return"
shows the charity, courage, or simply compassionate helpfulness in life are very important
and valuable. It can save lives.

Disseminate joy, helpfulness and charity. Send this cute e-Christmas card out in all the world and the world smiles back.

11/27/2011 Joy on first Advent

Advent, Advent a light is burning.
First one, then two, then three, then four
then the Christ child stands outside the door.

Until that time we got luckily some time to enjoy the Christmas mood. A stroll through the Christmas market in the afternoon. Watching TV in the evening or read a good book while cuddle up comfortably. Yes, so beautiful may be the holiday season.

The short days often make sure that we spend more time at home.
This time you can also use to love to greet people in the distance.

Take advantage of the darkness to send a greeting card brightening.
Joy comes in every season and it's fun.
Can in fact joy doubled when you share it teilt.Also joy as often as they.
With the greeting cards you bring joy to people all over the world.

Be smart, send geeting cards!

11/20/2011 Christmas is looking for love

The inner cities have become fuller, flashes and sparkles all over it. The Christmas markets opened. Get lost between all this hustle for presents should not be forgotten that affectionate communication is an important part of Christmas.

Just go ahead and show by example that it's not just for Christmas gifts, but the love for the people.Maybe you take the chance a person whom you have not talked long, loving salute. Pack your wishes and greetings in a pretty greeting card, decorative and ecologically correct device.

08/18/2011 Forum - Testing

We have installed a forum for interested users of our greeting cards.
There you can share with others to make suggestions, help others and get help.
It is currently accessible at:
We hope for active participation.

7/16/2011 Google +1

Now Google is also more involved in the so-called "Social media" Area. Hence, there comes +1 button on our homepage. All Google - user can inform with it your friends which is recommendable our side. What pleases us of course always.

7/15/2011 The new moved greetings cards side is on-line.

We use the summer around the side completely to rework. In the central issue the basis for the international appearance is laid with the new side. Still this year it is translated everything into the English. Then should follow the translation in Spanish and in French.

Moreover, were added some new function in the customer management. These are available for all anew sent maps.
The layout was adapted a little bit. But we have paid attention to the fact which changes in the service not a lot. Thus you can send as usual your maps fast.

We ask smaller interruptions because of the conversion in 15. and 16.7 to excuse.

4/18/2011 The new Easter map is there.

On time to Easter still from the press: Our new Easter map.
Find the golden egg.
Music: Sound mix / G. Gets; A. Dvorak; G. Gershwin.

2/2/2011 Our E-Cards of own side dispatch

With this iFrame you can send from your web page from greetings cards. Besides, a greetings card per sender and week is free. The map and the functions can be defeated by changes. We take over no guarantee for a certain achievement extent or for the function. This service can be put any time without other announcement again. Here you can test the free E-Card Dispatching function.