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Animated Greeting E-Cards

The little gift that causes enthusiasm.                         

Our greeting cards are our philosophy: Send animated Cards and the world smiles back.

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It's often the small and unexpected things in life that leave a great impression and thus remain very long in the memory. They remain in memory and left an extraordinary and harmonious impression with our very own greeting cards, and send your message dedicated to the animated art.

Here, the Hamburg illustrator Andreas Piel has created a completely new and unique dimension of animated greeting cards (also called e-cards) and thus each clip has a fascinating little story. Read about Andrew Piel.
There are hundreds of different occasions, hundreds of ways a thought or an electronic greeting to send and that's where we have specialized.

With our animated greeting cards you can easily send congratulations or individual wishes to friends or beloved people all around the world.

Choose from our wide range of artistic motifs and take the opportunity to say thank you or even just send the message to you is on your mind.

We cater for every occasion, the matching greeting cards, or e-Cards from the classic alternatives, such as a Christmas greeting, over New Year and Birthday greetings, Valentine's Day or greetings about love in general, to congratulations, wedding greeting cards and funny comic-E cards.

Do not you just send your invitations with one of our special animations or well wishes for your personal occasion.

With Andreas Piel and his unique, artistic animations to your loved ones a very special way of moving greeting cards convey. The greeting will be like the hand that lays itself over the eyes, before the surprise is revealed - whether humorous, sentimental or sensual.

Here are some advantages of moving greeting cards summarized:

  • Each e-card tells a little story with a happy ending and surprise.
  • The e-cards are supported with appropriate sound effects and music.
  • The e-cards are partially with "educational Winks".
  • Some processes are initiated through interactivity.
  • The greeting cards have everyday, understandable stories for content and a touch of perfect world.
  • There are stories that the recipient, such as the sender, do "good".
  • The greeting cards increase the understanding and affection for each other and give pleasure.
  • The greeting cards for a pleasant surprise.
  • E-cards create the effect that the recipient will be remembered very positively.
  • Moving cards make it easy to restore the communication. They allow you to overcome psychological barriers.
  • E-cards tell an animated story.
  • The aesthetics of greeting cards is the universal solution to share with people regardless of their emotional state to communicate.
  • Send moving greeting cards, and the world smiles back.
  • You go in with us no contractual obligations.
We hope you enjoy the joy of preparing

Andreas Piel and her team of moving-grusskarten.de

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