Andreas Piel,

the head of the artistic team since the mid-90s, known as a successful graphic artist and illustrator well beyond the German-speaking countries. On his website you will see many artistic works that are created during his career.

Since 2008 he has created a small group of artists who have these extraordinarily expensive animated greeting cards to create music.

Before becoming a native of Bonn decided to really illustrator, he began his career as a cadet in Euskirchen. A friend who knew his artistic inclinations, persuaded him to change schools and attend the College of Design in the Rhine river.

After completing training in artistic terms, the army drew with his training as a helicopter pilot in the Army Aviation School in Bückeburg. But despite passing the entrance examination, but he decided to pursue his chosen path as a graphic designer once and only completed his military service.

But even in the army itself was paid for his talent when he was entrusted mainly with graphical tasks. This included designing a poster, flag, general stationery and even a mural, which is not necessarily typical of everyday life in the military. Seen such was his military service he spent as a graphic designer in a printing Bundeswehr, an extensive internship. Starting with the printing and engraving, letterpress and offset printing on repro photography to the finished printed product, by his own admission, he learned more than in the rest of training. After his education he began working as a professional illustrator of plants and fossils at the Bonn University and as a graphic artist in an animation studio. Since 1992 he has been known as the author and illustrator of children's and youth fiction books. Numerous titles on topics such as cars, dinosaurs, fire, aircraft, Indians, horses, pirates, police, knights and many more have emerged in this time and enjoyed both children and adults. His books and works are sold in more than 10 languages ​​have been published. In addition to the typical and traditional painting styles such as watercolor, acrylic, gouache on cardboard, also serves as the digital drawing board, or the computer now for several years as an important working tool. So classic craftsmanship combines with modern and creates the data presented here greeting cards. No matter what Andrew did so, or where he was, he finally found himself back at the drawing or painting. But his real career as an illustrator, he began at the Bonn University and a cartoon studio in Bonn-Bad Godesberg.

The early nineties, he moved from Bonn to Hamburg, where he met his wife Claudia. There he began with the illustration of children's nonfiction books. Since that time more than 40 books have been published by him, which he has partly written himself. Many of them are sold in more than 10 languages ​​have been published. After Andrew's first fully illustrated book projects on the computer, had he remembered his time as an animator and wanted to know more about the possibilities of digital technology. He began in early 2008 to learn with simple Flash animation programs and the end of 2008 appeared the first animated e-card with music on the Internet. His long experience as a writer and illustrator of children's books in this work of course extremely useful and shows itself in many ways with each new greeting card creation.

Here is a list of all animated greeting cards. The range is constantly growing. So check this page regularly and indulge your senses with these lovely cards.

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