Greeting Cards for invitation - animated E-Cards

Greeting Cards for invitation - animated E-Cards

data/multiposts/Einladungen/Einladung Grusskarte Rock und Fussball_thumb_0.jpg Invitation E-Card for Rock- and Soccerfans Just in time for the Football Championship! The e- card for rock and football fans. This e-card can be sent both as "Father's Day card," Invitation to the football evening and as a birthday greeting as well.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Einladungen/E-Card fuer eine Einladung_thumb_0.jpg E-Card for invitation - animated e-cards Colourful e-card for an invitation. Never before inviting friends and acquaintances was easier. No paper, no postage and no waiting. This sweet invitation to come! No matter what you want to celebrate or congregate, this e-card fit for every occasion. Music: P. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake excerpt from / Johann Strauss: Part of the bat... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Einladungen/Geburtstagsbaecker_thumb_0.jpg Invitation Birthday Cake A special card for a special person.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Einladungen/Einladung allgemein mit Rockband_thumb_0.png Rocking Invitation This e-card can be used as a general invitation for all purposes. Create a unique memory.... mehr... | Preview

Greeting cards for invitation

Nothing is more beautiful than the anticipation of a good party.
Be the reason why your joy rejoice and invite your friends.

No matter what plan to celebrate. This e-card suits any occasion.

By sending e-cards you have it much easier than if you would send all the invitations on paper via regular mail. The ecards are also right on-and dry-potofrei So what are you waiting to launch party.

Send online invitations with moving greeting cards.