Greeting Cards for various occasions

data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Abschluesse-Pruefungen-Examen_thumb_0.jpg graduation-diploma-certificate Take your friends by surprise with the little magic officer. This e-card can be used for all sorts of occasions: for education, school, exams, test masters, doctorate, license, diploma as well as good for anniversaries or simply Birthday! If no completion is pending, you can also create a certificate for your partner, your child... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Bastler Glueckwuensche_thumb_0.jpg Tinkered Congratulations Nice E-Card to congratulate in a special way. This E-Card bring a big smile on the face of the receiver.Make one of the biggest present you have: sent love and happyness.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Liebergruesse Schwaene_thumb_0.jpg Love Greet with swans - animated greeting card Romantic greeting card with swans as main characters. Swans are the symbol of Liebe.Geliebt to be is the important thing in the world. You want to enjoy other people so you give importance to you, for example, with this greeting card online.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Umzug_thumb_0.jpg Relocation Do you like to tell all your friends and family your new adress?Just use this ecard, Its an economic way to inform all your friends.If you like to use your own adress book from your email provider please send the ecard first  to yourself and then send up to all your email contacts. Its easy, smart and something s... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Biker hilft_thumb_0.jpg Biker´s Help - general animated E-Card This e-card tells a heartwarming story. A bikers helping a hedgehog. Really sweet. The e-card presenting both emotion and beauty to the eye yet, the nature and the roads that give the bikers perspective of freedom and power. By the right music, the online greeting card feels real. Beautiful greeting card for love fellow rockers, ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Vergessen-zu spaet_thumb_0.jpg Sorry-late With this cute ecard you can send your apologize in a lovely way.Create a great impression and rebuilt your good relationship.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Schwanen-Post_thumb_0.jpg Post by swans - romantic animated greeting card Fabulous greeting card. Suitable for different occasions. This greeting card with flowers, fairy, glitter, and the Swan a wonderful world for themselves. In this idyllic atmosphere can convey your message very well. Music: Johann Strauss; excerpt from "Voices of Spring"... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Allgemeine Grusskarte zum Fruehling_thumb_0.jpg Springtime E-card for general greetings Greet the Spring!With this e-card you can enjoy the sun much more better. With the gradually warming sun, your heart will beating faster. The nature wakes up and  people get happy!Listen to the harmonic celtic musik and relax.Send lovely greetings for every occas... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Kaffeetafel_thumb_0.jpg Tea Time E-Card - animated greeting card - various occasions The coffee table is an online greeting card that the recipient an appetizing and festivecovered coffee... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/rattymouse1_thumb_0.jpg Rattymouse Create fun with this nice ecard. Tigle the mouse and send your message in a creative way. Use this ecard for varios occasions.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Allgemeiner Gruss - Exotic-Fun_thumb_0.jpg General greeting - Exotic Fun Card Enjoy an exotic vacation to the recipient feel.Because this e-card as a birthday card so well received, we haveslightly modified, so now you can use for all occasions. Music: Sound mix / Reggae... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Schwanenpost im Herbst_thumb_0.jpg Swan E-Mail - greeting card for different occasions Beautiful Swan Lake in fall. The swan has brought mail for you. Autumnal romance exudes this greeting card. Harmoniously with music. To salute to classic different occasions in a creative way.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Liebesgruesse_thumb_0.jpg Animated Love Greeting Card Lovingly created with music. Very romantic on the beach. Ideal to greet a loved one. Greet for families, couples and individuals a great way online. Whether you want to thank them, or sometimes just "Hello, how are you?" wants to send, your creativity knows no bounds. This e-card sends your message directly and lovingly.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Sunsetbehappy_thumb_0.jpg Don't worry - Be happy! The summer is not over yet! Super Ecard for late summer time. Just remember your great holiday  or dream about your happy island - just ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Adlerflug_thumb_0.jpg Flight of the Eagle Send this great card of freedom. Let the eagle fly with your letter. The eagle symbolizes freedom and power.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Hai_thumb_0.jpg Sharky E-Card - animated greeting card - for general greetings Probably our bravest e-card. The man who tames the shark. Beautiful underwater greeting card that can be used for all kinds of occasions. Especially recommended for marine and Haifan friends. Greet you without reason online e-card, simply because it is nice to give pleasure.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Fussball_thumb_0.jpg Football European Championship Fun Card In this animated E-Card you can see our national team win. The focus is on Basti Schweinsteiger, to score.Very authentic in a big stadium A matching card for Football Cup 2016. For all football fans a great greeting card on various occasions.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Grusskarte - Gute Besserung-2_thumb_0.jpg Greeting card- get well soon-e-card Is the bear sick first ? ... it can also quickly become healthy!Thanks to the lively doctor on two wheels, it's no coincidence.This funny e-card can cheer ailing and sad people.Do not let the cold, bad mood, and other failures to take a zest for life.Head high and... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Bikermaedel_thumb_0.jpg Bikergirl - generel greeting card for independent women The message of our motorcycle e-card is for general greetings: women makes it! Watch how the biker girl "highway" down rushes, past beautiful landscapes, to stand with a dear woman with a gift at the door. This greeting card is especially good for birthdays, Mother's Day and other celebrations where you want to bring a gift.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Polkagruesse_thumb_0.jpg E-Card with polka music for general greetings A beautiful polka greeting.  Nice e-card with beautiful harmonic sounds of Johann Strauss classical music. Very b... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Einfach mal Danke sagen_thumb_0.jpg Just say thank you - Greeting Card Just say thank you. Cute greeting card to say thank you. It's simple and straightforward thanks online. The Bears played with the elephants at the zoo and bakes a cake for her to say thank you. But before it comes to it the bear gets hijacked. Interesting and cute at the same time. A thank you card for all ages. Music: M.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Mal Entschuldigung sagen_thumb_0.jpg With this cute ecard you can send your apologize in a lovely way.Create a great impression and rebuilt your good relationship.... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Flaschengeist_thumb_0.jpg Genie in a Bottle When life getting hard or simple, some f us dream of a diff... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Grusskarte - Gute Besserung_thumb_0.jpg Greeting card- well wishes - optimism e-cards How good it is , if one knows that someone is thinking of. Experience joy in spite of everything, even in difficult times. Express your optimism and your sympathy with this cute greeting card. This greeting card is about the everyday life ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Grusskarte - Beileid und Anteilnahme_thumb_0.jpg Mourning-ecard Everyone can get through hard times. When somebody suffer is a cohesion from the family and friends the most important thing. With our e-card you can send sypathy and condolences no matter where the person is. Stand by your friends and family in every situation and bring a light with our e-cards. ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/Gemalter Traum_thumb_0.jpg Painted Dream Make your dreams come true! Dreams have more to do with reality than you may think it is possible. ... mehr... | Preview
data/multiposts/Verschiedenes/E-Card zum Spielen_thumb_0.jpg E-Card playing dolphin animated for fun Interactive game with the lively underwater dolphin. The e-card for dolphin ball fans and sports enthusiasts. Funny e-cards for various embassies. Share this with what they want here is up to you. Music: Sound-Mix / Music Loop... mehr... | Preview

Greeting cards for various occasions

Occasions to send someone a greeting card, there are plenty. Be it a new job, a new apartment, passing an exam or a grand prize in the lottery. Everyone is delighted when the family or friends join in the jubilation with or is just thinking about someone!

To give pleasure is the highest good. Cherish and nurture relationships with the e-cards any time, day or night, simply and effectively. Try the magic of loving greeting cards!